September 24, 2023

How to examination serial port RS232 Link action-by-move?

This is get in touch with a loop back again examination approach.

This system will deliver and acquire information in very same port connect with ‘LOOP Back again TEST’.We use HyperTerminal Application to Deliver and receive information (Typical application in Window XP house Model and experienced Version).

Why we should really to do this strategy?

When the interface hardware gadget have some dilemma occors or hardware functionality not correctly.This method is Straightforward way to Troubleshooting by by yourself.

Components Requirement (Nothing)

Software package Requirement (HyperTerminal)

Skill Prerequisite (Practically nothing)

Accessoires (Bunch , Paper clip or something can join DB9 pin)

– Action one particular – Put together

Find a thing link (Short) your focus on com port (DB9 Pin) anyone get in touch with Serial Port Pin 2-3.
Shutdown your Pc Use it short Pin 2-3 (Pin 2-3 only – Be mindful brief other Pin).
Use a bunch, or Paper clip)

– Move Two – Prepare

Get started up the pc and Operate Hyper Terminal Program
Note : Start Menu > System > Accessoires > Communication > Hyper Terminal

– Action 3 – Configuration

Configuration Hyper Terminal Link Environment

Enter Relationship name (may possibly be use “test my com port)

Pick out target com port to examination (com1,com2,com…n)

Qualities Relationship then Click “Restore to Defaults

– Move Four – Take a look at

Conduct a loopback take a look at Press any Critical… On Keyboard

If you see any character on the display screen Hyper Terminal – comport was generally.