September 22, 2023

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[00:00:00] Detective Ev: Neatly, hi my pals. Welcome again to any other episode of the Well being Detective Podcast by way of Purposeful Diagnostic Vitamin. My title is Evan Transue, aka Detective Ev. I will be able to be your host for nowadays’s display about an incredible most cancers survivor.

We’re speaking to any person named Carmen Weir. She is a Purposeful Diagnostic Vitamin practitioner, and she or he has a heck of a tale. We’re speaking about most cancers nowadays. It is part of Carmen’s tale, and usually talking, most cancers is a bit more critical than probably the most issues we speak about in this display.

Now, don’t get me unsuitable as a result of I’m no longer discrediting the issues that I’ve been via or the issues that many others were via, however there’s a undeniable side of most cancers that may’t be denied. It’s the concept one would possibly move away within the rather close to long term if this isn’t addressed.

This is every now and then the case with different stipulations that we convey in this display, however numerous the days it’s extra that the individual suffers for many years and remains to be putting in there. They’re struggling very longer term versus having this concept of, k, I may just in reality die in a yr or two if I don’t get this below keep an eye on.


So, it’s totally crappy otherwise when you find yourself coping with one thing like most cancers. We take a distinct means of it with that. We’re no longer at all times simply going the 100% practical path. This individual has a clock over their head to some extent. We don’t know precisely when it’s, however we will be able to roughly get a normal thought.

An Open-minded Most cancers Survivor

If we don’t do one thing in a undeniable time-frame, there’s going to be a duration someday the place that clock will run out, and it’s so much faster than maximum people would love. That’s simply what it’s. I’m no longer seeking to get too critical proper from the get-go nowadays, however I’m simply announcing what it’s. That’s the reality of the topic.

On account of this, it’s vital that we acknowledge all of the aspects and all of the alternatives that the individual comes to a decision to make. It is a critical factor, and we wish to appreciate any person who makes their very own choices with this or is going via this. Carmen Weir is this kind of superb instance of any person who in reality used their head when coping with most cancers.


She took some practical approaches. She additionally took the Western means when essential. She stated “sure” to a couple Western issues and “no” to others. She did some practical issues and didn’t do different practical issues. She did what she concept used to be proper, she saved a degree head.

I will’t talk for this totally as a result of I’m no longer any person who’s handled most cancers fortunately. However I might believe that individuals which can be coping with this, particularly when you’re newly recognized, would a great deal have the benefit of a podcast like this. So this could be one thing to percentage with a pal or circle of relatives member. It could be one thing to percentage to your social media when you to find that to be suitable. I don’t know.

I believe you’ll in reality like this one regardless that. I wish to learn her bio after which we will be able to get into this nowadays.

Hysterectomy, Chemo, & Holistic Practices

Carmen got here to FDN after a number of well being crises. I will have to have specified this sooner than. There’s much more than simply most cancers right here, however this is going to be probably the most primary focuses of the display. I simply don’t wish to throw a curve ball right here with the remainder of this bio.

In April 2019, she used to be recognized with RA, in a different way referred to as rheumatoid arthritis. A practice up DEXA scan confirmed she additionally had critical osteoporosis. Given the choice of low-dose chemo for the RA and medicine that didn’t in point of fact construct bone, she seemed to different extra holistic approaches and employed a well-known practical drugs physician. I’m no longer certain who it used to be, however she labels it as any person who used to be well-known.

Those two diagnoses had been just the start for her regardless that. Later in 2019, she used to be recognized with, but any other autoimmune illness referred to as Guttate psoriasis, and I needed to in reality glance that one up admittedly. I’m aware of psoriasis, in fact, however I had by no means heard of the Guttate psoriasis. It sort of feels like the principle difference there’s that it’s characterised by way of psoriasis patches that remaining extraordinarily lengthy sessions of time and are very resistant even to Western drugs remedies like positive lotions or no matter. It may well be very exhausting to get the flare up down.


Then in March of 2020 (very unhealthy time for this, when you guys take into account what used to be taking place to start with of March 2020), the massive daddy of all of them used to be published: Level III endometrial most cancers. Carmen selected a hybrid way to the most cancers, present process a thorough hysterectomy and chemo along many holistic practices.

The use of Most cancers Enjoy to Assist Others

It used to be all the way through her most cancers adventure that she learned her hobby and project in existence had been to assist people to find well being outdoor of the Western clinical fashion of illness care. On New 12 months’s Eve of 2020 (what a really perfect day for this), with a frame transparent of most cancers and a middle set on turning into a distinction maker, she signed up for the FDN route to set her intentions for existence after most cancers.

What you guys will admire on this episode, and it’s an appreciation that can develop more potent and more potent the longer you pay attention, is the rock-solid mindset this lady advanced. I imply, it’s badass, guy. It’s one thing you’ll’t pretend. I’m an enormous believer within the self-help books, however I don’t essentially consider you’ll simply learn your approach to this kind of mindset.

On account of what Carmen has handled, and since in lots of senses she has roughly stared the theory of demise within the face, and she or he approached it in this kind of sure and extremely smart manner, you’re no longer preventing this lady. I imply, there’s not anything you’ll do to her at this level that I believe would shake any person like this.


She has taken probably the most worst issues that would occur to any person and flipped it totally and simply stated, k, I’m going to make use of this for energy. I’m going to make use of this to assist people. I will’t commend her sufficient. Carmen, thanks such a lot for coming in this display and sharing your tale. With out additional ado, let’s get to nowadays’s episode.

All proper. Hiya there, Carmen. Thank you such a lot for being right here with us nowadays.

[00:05:25] Carmen Weir: Neatly, thanks for having me. I’m in reality excited to inform my tale and communicate to you, Evan.

Inspecting Well being Historical past

[00:05:29] Detective Ev: Clearly, the target audience simply were given to listen to that bio. That may be a heck of numerous stuff, and I do know that there’s extra to dive into nowadays. I used to be announcing to you off air too, we get numerous autoimmune stuff on right here, numerous continual signs. The ones are very critical and frightening issues. I imply, my circle of relatives’s handled the autoimmune stuff without delay. I’ve handled the autoimmune stuff without delay.

However the most cancers factor has a weight that includes it that I don’t suppose is at all times there with positive autoimmune sicknesses. There’s this kind of risk of the individual no longer being right here with us if this progresses too speedy. We’ll get into that evidently. I’m getting a little bit bit forward of myself.

I need first of all nowadays simply when did the well being signs even get started for you? What used to be existence like sooner than that? What had been you doing? When did you first realize that some well being stuff used to be happening, Carmen?


[00:06:13] Carmen Weir: Neatly, I believe that I’ve at all times eaten beautiful wholesome and at all times concept that I felt beautiful excellent, however I believe that one thing has at all times been off.

In 2018, I had numerous ft issues. The ground of my ft had been in reality sore. I went to my common physician, who, the one who I had at the moment used to be superior. She stated, I’m going to ship you to a podiatrist. So, I went via a chain of appointments with the podiatrist.

In Consistent, Depressing Ache

I had only a fatty tumor at the backside of my foot, and I had that got rid of. It wasn’t most cancers or the rest terrible. After that were given got rid of, that exact position on my foot felt higher, however the ball of each ft had been nonetheless sore. I saved going again and going again and going again. I stated, why did the ground of my ft nonetheless harm?

I stated, I will maintain the ache, however I don’t know what that is. I don’t know the place that is going to depart me in 10 years, ? I used to be frightened about, what is that this? So, I spent the summer season and the autumn of 2018 with very sore ft. Went via all of those appointments, went in the course of the surgical treatment.

After all, my, once more, common physician, I went again to her since the podiatrist used to be no longer telling me the rest. She stated, smartly, let’s simply run some blood paintings right here. She didn’t inform me what it used to be. So, we ran the blood paintings, and it used to be over the charts prime for rheumatoid arthritis. After all, I were given referred to a rheumatologist.


I already knew that it used to be RA and used to be roughly prepping for that. I did actually see the rheumatologist who stated, sure, you’ve RA. By means of that point, it wasn’t simply my ft, my entire frame ached. It used to be a chore to stand up. I used to be foggy brained. I wished a part an hour of a scorching bathe to get my frame transferring. Existence used to be roughly depressing.

A Most cancers Survivor: Going Gluten, Dairy, & Sugar Unfastened

A web based buddy informed me a couple of guide known as The Wahls Protocol. She stated, you need to get this guide. It’s a sport changer. So, I were given the guide. The day that I went to the rheumatologist used to be the day that I minimize out gluten and dairy and sugar.


I do know this isn’t standard, I’ve been informed this 100 instances. That’s no longer standard, Carmen. I don’t know who you’re, however in 5 days I felt higher.

[00:08:33] Detective Ev: You understand what? I imply, if it validates you in any respect, and I swear to God I’m no longer simply announcing this. As any person who will get to speak to some of these other folks always, perhaps that’s simply why, I am getting to engage with some of these folks. I’ve heard some very dramatic issues the place issues flip round in no time with that. I imply, we don’t wish to inform our purchasers that, motive it would give them a false expectation. However I’ve heard this.

That’s in reality wonderful that it were given you there. It’s much more wonderful to me that you simply had been fortunate sufficient to have this buddy who knew about The Wahls Protocol so early. Have been they already into the practical aspect of items? Have been they prefer, a “herbal” individual? How did they learn about that?

[00:09:03] Carmen Weir: She used to be an internet buddy. She has MS.

Detective Ev: Oh, k. There we pass.

Carmen Weir: That’s what Dr. Wahls has, even supposing her protocol works for all autoimmune. She knew that so she knew that it might assist. Yeah, she used to be very holistic in her personal well being, however she used to be no longer a practitioner.

A Most cancers Survivor: RA Plus Osteoporosis

[00:09:21] Detective Ev: Clearly with the bio having been stated, it’s like, I’m fascinated by how a lot stuff nonetheless used to be to come back. My gosh, understanding that you simply already made a few of these adjustments that may in reality be reasonably important for other folks after which all this different stuff comes. That’s roughly loopy.

So, you felt higher in 5 days, however clearly there have been nonetheless a couple of diagnoses to come back. What occurs after 5 days? Like, what does the following yr appear to be for you?

[00:09:44] Carmen Weir: Neatly, and I did really feel higher. It wasn’t that I used to be totally cured or that the whole thing used to be high-quality.


Then within the practice up with the rheumatologist, more than likely simply standard protocol for them, I used to be despatched to do a DEXA scan. I did that a couple of week after my preliminary talk over with the rheumatologist. That confirmed that I had critical osteoporosis. So in fact, I had any other appointment with him.

He sought after to position me on methotrexate for the RA, and he sought after to position me on a kind of horrible, quote/unquote “bone development medication” that still have black labels on them. I used to be simply no longer into that. I ultimately, I noticed him a couple of instances all the way through 2019 and fired him on the finish of it, as a result of he used to be very condescending.

Within the intervening time, within the fall of 2019, I were given this horrible rash. They had been little purple bumps that weren’t in reality itchy, as a rule, and I didn’t know what it used to be. So in fact, I used to be making an attempt other holistic issues, very important oils, aloe, and various things. It will no longer pass away. I finished up going to my common, my pcp (number one care doctor). She referred me out to a dermatologist, who gave me some steroid cream.

A Most cancers Survivor: Plus, Guttate Psoriasis

While you get this, it’s Guttate psoriasis, and whilst you get it, it sticks round for roughly 4 or 5 months. I imply, this stuff simply don’t pass away. It’s no longer like, oh, put this cream on for every week and it’s long gone. I had attempted such a lot of issues that wouldn’t make it pass away, so I did do the steroid cream. They did ultimately pass away.

In that very same time-frame, I had frozen shoulder. So, it used to be roughly a multitude. However I had accomplished numerous other holistic issues. Some of the issues that helped completely the whole thing used to be my acupuncturist.

[00:11:41] Detective Ev: What goes via your head as that is all taking place?


As a result of, to start with you mentioned, I’m seeking to do what I will, I are living a wholesome sufficient existence. And in a rather quick time frame, let’s be fair. I imply, we’re handiest speaking about like a yr or two right here, kind of. You’re getting a couple of issues happening.

So, used to be there any concept procedure for your head of like, this didn’t make sense? Or did you simply suppose, hi there, perhaps that is one thing that occurs to a couple other folks.

I do know that you simply pay attention to this display, so that you roughly know I’m occupied with working out what used to be going via other folks’s minds at the moment. So, what had been you considering?

[00:12:13] Carmen Weir: Neatly, I used to be annoyed. Simply let’s be fair about it.

A Most cancers Survivor: Difficult, Adverse Feelings

I had modified such a lot of issues. I used to be operating with a practical physician, and we had accomplished labs. We had accomplished other protocols to mend my intestine, repair my hormones, and attach this and attach that. I used to be simply baffled that I used to be doing such a lot of excellent issues and I had made such a lot of various things other in my existence that this used to be nonetheless happening.

I believed perhaps that is just like the detox. We’ve stirred up some various things they usually’re all roughly getting themselves out and manifesting in the ones techniques. However most commonly, I used to be simply roughly mad.


On the similar time, I wasn’t in an excellent marriage. Now that I do know what I do know, taking a look again, I will say that feelings and the place we’re at in our head have an enormous play on how wholesome we’re bodily. I didn’t in reality notice that on the time how a lot that will’ve affected what used to be happening. However I believe that did have a big impact.

You understand, my perspective and simply no longer working out, as smartly, that I believed I eradicated gluten, however I more than likely didn’t as it’s so insidious in such a lot of various things. Most likely the cream I used to be hanging on my face each and every night time used to be inundating me with some gluten. The labs that I’ve run since do display that I’m beautiful gluten delicate. So, I believe there have been numerous underlying issues that I wasn’t acutely aware of.

Realizing that the paintings that I had accomplished with this practical MD, I may just see the place there have been pitfalls and I used to be operating on the ones issues, however I wasn’t totally hanging all of it in combination the way in which that I will do now.

A Most cancers Survivor: Adverse Feelings’ Results

[00:14:13] Detective Ev: I admire that you simply introduced up the anger factor. I can’t take into account who it used to be, however there used to be just one different individual during some of these episodes, consider it or no longer, that admitted to that anger side.

I believe this is one thing numerous other folks really feel. However then once we’re telling the tales, I don’t suppose that they’re mendacity, however we don’t even acknowledge that. It’s no longer at all times the socially suitable factor. It’s like, oh, I used to be unhappy, and I used to be disappointed. Neatly, it’s like, in fact, however other folks fail to remember how annoyed. I used to be indignant too.


I utterly get this. It’s unfair. You’re like, how is that this taking place to me? Or how is that this taking place to any person else in our existence? After all, now that you simply and I and different persons are ready to make the relationship that the sentiments in reality are very related with this, obviously that’s no longer a in particular useful emotion once we’re going via it, but it surely does topic.

For the ones listening, it’s completely standard and completely ok to really feel a little bit indignant when these items’s taking place as it’s no longer honest. You understand, we were given one existence to are living and it’s no longer cool once we’re coping with a majority of these critical issues. So, I simply admire you spotting that. I believe it’s validating for different individuals who pay attention to this display, as a result of I do know people enjoy that. It’s every now and then exhausting to discuss.

Now once more, I roughly have some insider wisdom right here, having the bio, and I do know that the target audience has this as smartly. Everyone knows what’s about to come back up. Now not handiest do you get those diagnoses and the autoimmune stuff, however we’re about to escalate right into a most cancers form of prognosis.

A Most cancers Survivor: Dropping Too A lot Weight

So how did that occur? Did you pass someplace and get like a checkup, or did you’ve new signs? What resulted in you going to the physician to getting that prognosis?

[00:15:42] Carmen Weir: Neatly, after I began the Partitions Protocol, as a result of I used to be consuming so wholesome (and I’m no longer obese, I weighed about 110 kilos), I straight away misplaced 10 kilos. So, by way of early summer season I used to be down 10 kilos from consuming higher, simply eliminating junk.

Then within the fall I misplaced 10 extra kilos. And proper round Christmas time, as a result of I used to be roughly peri menopausal and used to be nonetheless bleeding, nonetheless having my cycles, I began a unusual cycle, and it didn’t prevent.

I used to be operating with my practical MD; I noticed her in February. I had gotten all my blood paintings accomplished once more as a result of we had been on the subject of a yr out from the RA blood paintings, and I sought after to look the place it used to be with out medicine. I had all that accomplished, and my numbers dropped a couple of hundred issues with out a drugs. So, we had been cheering that, and we had been so excited.


She used to be nonetheless frightened about my weight. I informed her that I were bleeding nonstop since Christmas. She stated, you wish to have to get in and feature an ultrasound. You want to get the ultrasound since you’re at that age. She stated, and also you additionally wish to achieve some weight. She stated, it’s simply wonderful how briefly issues can pass sideways when you don’t have any padding. I imply, I weighed like 90 kilos. She used to be very frightened about that.

So, I went in and had the ultrasound. I may just inform that one thing used to be happening as a result of she used to be very informal about it, however she saved going to at least one spot.

A Most cancers Survivor: A Tough Cervical Biopsy

I believed, oh, one thing’s happening, she helps to keep getting footage over on that aspect. They only concept it used to be a fibroid. I used to be referred to a gynecologist who stated, k, we’re going to try this and if it’s only a fibroid that I will see, I will simply deal with it proper right here within the place of job.

I believed, smartly, that is going to be nice. This will likely be not anything to it, ? It didn’t end up that manner.

[00:17:50] Detective Ev: Clearly, I’m guessing then, the prognosis got here beautiful quickly after.

[00:17:55] Carmen Weir: Yeah. It wasn’t a fibroid. She had attempted to do a pap smear, which used to be roughly loopy. Neatly, she scheduled me for a cervical biopsy. I seemed on-line in fact, and it stated that it’s not anything to that process, it’s just a bit biopsy. I will guarantee you that it’s no longer not anything.

It’s wonderful as a result of I in reality did have a fibroid proper close to my cervix, and that used to be making the cervical biopsy virtually not possible. One of the simplest ways that I will give an explanation for it’s like, when you’re seeking to open a door that has a brick at the back of it, the door gained’t open.


It used to be very painful, and it used to be very bloody. I don’t understand how she were given sufficient tissue so that you could get some most cancers tissue, however fortuitously, she did. So, I went in after the cervical biopsy, a couple of week later, I had an appointment along with her to speak about. That’s after I were given the most cancers prognosis.

A Most cancers Survivor: The Analysis Reaction

She used to be stunned. She used to be a fantastic physician. Fortunate me, I at all times appear to get the docs that experience the interns following them. There used to be an intern looking at me get my most cancers prognosis.


You understand, it’s what everyone says. It’s entire surprise, you simply freeze. You’ll’t consider what you simply heard.

I got here house and I were given in my sauna.

[00:19:23] Detective Ev: I’m guessing even supposing you went into the sauna, that the ideas weren’t as enjoyable as one may most often enjoy in there.

Carmen Weir: No. No.

Detective Ev: Concentrate, I’m sorry to dissect this an excessive amount of, however even whilst you and I had been speaking off air, you simply strike me as like an excessively actual individual. So, if it’s ever an excessive amount of, let me know. However I imply, what’s that like? As a result of I do know that individuals say those positive issues, however you already are going in the course of the ringer with those different well being problems. It more than likely turns out like they’re getting higher, and we also have blood paintings to turn that some issues are transferring in the appropriate course.

And now this. I imply, what the heck’s the idea procedure for you when all this occurs now?

[00:19:57] Carmen Weir: Yeah, I didn’t know what to suppose. You understand, It’s frightening. No person needs to listen to the C phrase. There’s a reason why we name it the C phrase. It’s the massive frightening man within the nook that no person needs to speak to.

Yeah, I used to be frozen for a few days. I simply didn’t know what to suppose. When I were given via that preliminary, Oh my God, what? I’ve most cancers? That is like the only factor that doesn’t undergo my circle of relatives, ? I’m like, Ok, k. What?

A Most cancers Survivor: A Correlating Circle of relatives Historical past

Then, whilst you get the most cancers, they wish to do a little genetic checking out. As a result of they concept there used to be one thing they concept that I may have that will make it extra exhausting for a few of my different circle of relatives, that they will have to have common checking out. I didn’t have that. However they sought after to try this genetic checking out they usually needed to have the entire historical past of my circle of relatives with most cancers.


After I talked to my mother about it and after I began hanging all of it in combination, like all of the items of the most cancers which have been in our circle of relatives, I used to be like, oh, we roughly in reality do. I used to be like, Wow! So, I roughly labored via all of that.

After all, whilst you get a most cancers prognosis, you get started getting numerous telephone calls and numerous appointments. Right here’s the additional little bonus as it’s simply how I roll, the pandemic began in March. So, the whole thing that I did, I needed to do on my own as a result of no person may just are available with me.

That used to be on the very starting when the whole thing, like standard appointments, weren’t being made. No person were given to visit see their physician. You needed to be emergency stage to get a health care provider appointment on the finish of March 2020. They laid out the purple carpet for me and welcomed me in.

Yeah, there’s simply this sort of, I don’t in reality understand how to explain it. It’s roughly a floating position the place you’re identical to floating on this little spinny position the place you’re like, wait, what? You’re making an attempt to determine what in reality simply were given informed to you, ?

A Most cancers Survivor: Most cancers Remedy Rush & Tension

[00:22:17] Detective Ev: Yeah. We had an aunt of mine a number of years again now at this level, she used to be recognized with a mind tumor. Sadly, we did finally end up dropping her from this. To observe this procedure, as a result of once more, I had observed numerous sickness in my circle of relatives, particularly within the autoimmune realm. I had in reality observed no most cancers. I didn’t know any person who handled that.


You’ve heard of it one million instances, in fact. However I didn’t get suffering from this not directly or without delay. When this came about, I used to be simply stunned by way of the variations in how it’s addressed. The place like, my mother had those signs for years. It took her seven years to even get a prognosis of the autoimmune illness she had, which used to be Graves’ illness.

While my aunt, I noticed her on Christmas. It used to be standard as can also be, she’s glad. She’s webhosting it at her space with my uncle. Everybody’s consuming, having a great time. And all I listen, actually 5 – 6 days later, is that Aunt Karen’s moving into for mind surgical treatment. I’m like, What? Like, she used to be high-quality. It sounds as if, she were having those complications, Carmen. Then she went to the physician, and she or he discovered about this.

Concentrate, I do know so much about well being stuff. I don’t need any person to suppose I’m pretending that I do know all about most cancers right here. I have no idea about that. However I do know that I noticed a girl in my existence that used to be utterly apparently standard and, personally, didn’t appear to be she used to be in dire want of this kind of critical surgical treatment. I imply clearly the tumor’s gotta pass. I take into account that.

A Most cancers Survivor: Most cancers Remedy Tension Results

However on the similar time, is that rushed procedure or the load that includes this prognosis, is that in reality serving to the buyer? Since you simply described this, this floating feeling and simply being in surprise for a couple of days.

I imply, how does one really feel when someday they’re high-quality on the subject of no longer having a prognosis after which 5 days later they’re moving into for one of the vital invasive surgical procedures that any person can do? Simply the tension that that will have to placed on one’s frame. I don’t understand how we’d ever quantify this. I don’t understand how we’d measure this precisely, however I believe like that’s gotta be worsening the placement that they’re already coping with.


I imply, it’s no longer a scenario to not be stressed out about. It’s clearly critical. I’m sorry, I’m no longer in reality posing a query right here, I suppose. However I simply want shall we do higher for those sufferers. I suppose that’s what I’m seeking to say. As a result of I can’t believe that that top stage of pressure, the rushed side of it, the existence converting issues that occur in a single day, I don’t know that that’s one hundred percent reaping rewards the individual.

I imply, you’re the one who’s handled it, so perhaps I shouldn’t be speaking. What do you consider this? Do you suppose there’s any validity to this?

Business Smash – Check out the FDN Route for Unfastened

Neatly, I do know of a minimum of a technique we will be able to do higher, and that’s by way of getting extra other folks such as you and me in the market on this planet in reality doing this paintings and serving to people from a practical standpoint.


In the event you’ve been bearing in mind the route, and perhaps that is one thing that you need to do. You’ll pass to, and this may occasionally permit you to take a look at the FDN route totally at no cost, no bank card required. I believe it’s going to take greater than this, however it is a excellent step, and it’s one of the most related step for you when you’re being attentive to a podcast like this.

In order that is to take a look at the route totally at no cost.

All proper, now again to nowadays’s episode.

A Most cancers Survivor: Connecting with Different Most cancers Sufferers

[00:25:15] Carmen Weir: I believe you’re proper regardless that. That’s the object that simply chaps me probably the most is that you simply get a most cancers prognosis, and the frenzy is on. You understand, it’s like a black Friday, 6:00 AM door opening. Oh, we gotta get you in and we gotta, we were given. It’s like this most cancers didn’t are available in a single day.

You unquestionably have weeks, if no longer months, to do analysis, communicate to other folks, get any other evaluations. It doesn’t should be rushed, like what they do. That simply tworks me as a result of I see it taking place always. I align myself with most cancers other folks now. I inform other folks, most cancers persons are my favourite other folks.


As a result of while you’ve been for the reason that prognosis and also you gotta pass, no matter trail you’re going to take, you will develop into a warrior going via that, ? It’s frightening, it’s exhausting, and attending to the opposite aspect isn’t a cakewalk. So, I really like most cancers other folks. However I hate it after I see that they’re doing that to other folks.

They did that to me, however they realized beautiful early on from me that I wasn’t anyone who used to be going to get driven round. I had a complete care group. I had like seven other folks, I’ll simply proceed with my tale. I didn’t know this on the time, however no matter got here again on that pattern will have to have informed them that this seemed beautiful complex. They by no means let directly to me about that.

A Most cancers Survivor: Level III, C1 Most cancers

It did turn into endometrial most cancers. It used to be a grade two, which is more or less medium so far as within the grade. Once they grade it, they’re announcing how briskly it’s rising. It used to be a grade two. They don’t degree it till after surgical treatment and samples. The plan for me used to be a Da Vinci hysterectomy.

I had two surgeons. I’m a Midwesterner, I are living in Wisconsin. So, UW-Madison is extremely touted as a really perfect most cancers position. I had a UW surgeon for my lymphadenectomy, and my supplier did the hysterectomy. So, I had two surgeons. I had simply other other folks from UW and from my supplier.

Then I had a care supervisor. They labored in combination, however they had been telling me even sooner than surgical treatment that chemo used to be more than likely going to be really useful and more than likely radiation. Right here’s how the human spirit works, initially of all that, I believed, smartly, I’ll do radiation, however It’s not that i am doing chemo.


Then I were given on-line, and I began looking out. I were given via all of the analysis after my surgical treatment. It got here up as Level III, C1, that’s no longer very a ways from the easiest degree. There is not any degree 5. So, the one reason why it wasn’t a degree 4 used to be that it had metastasized, what they might name micro metastasized, in each and every one among my reproductive organs.

My proper ovary used to be not anything however a tumor. It used to be in my fallopian tubes. It used to be coming down my cervical canal. It used to be clearly in my uterus. It used to be all over the place. If it had unfold to different organs, then it might’ve been a degree 4. Nevertheless it hadn’t, so it used to be a 3C1.

A Most cancers Survivor: The Western Medication Protocol

They took out 10 lymph nodes. There used to be a little bit little bit of most cancers in two of them. There have been suspicious cells within the pelvic wash. It used to be probably the most issues that they wish to have a look at is the invasion of the uterus wall. That used to be over 50%, so it used to be past due degree.


Beautiful in a while after the surgical treatment, they got here up with the six rounds of chemo they usually sought after me to do 25 rounds of day by day radiation for 5 weeks.

Then additionally 3 brachy treatments, which is the interior remedy. I began researching in accordance with what they sought after to do and the % of remission or further years of existence that I might’ve were given from doing the radiation. It used to be in reality minimum.

The repercussions of getting the interior radiation weren’t excellent. To not get too particular, but it surely turns your vaginal wall into leather-based. That didn’t sound very amusing to me.

[00:29:58] Detective Ev: No, it does no longer.

[00:29:59] Carmen Weir: I had a chemo oncologist, a prime oncologist, a radiation oncologist. I had a whole lot of other docs seeking to communicate to me. I didn’t just like the radiation oncologist. I flat out requested her within the appointment, I stated, I am getting that you need to get the wind. I stated, but if will we get to discuss my high quality of existence? I simply stated “no” to that.

About midway via my chemo, they’d known as me to invite me what I had made up our minds in regards to the radiation. I stated, smartly, I don’t suppose I’m going to do it. (I wasn’t a candidate to do them at the same time as.) I stated, I believed I’d wait until once I had my scan, after chemo, see if there used to be nonetheless any most cancers. Then perhaps I might do it.

A Most cancers Survivor: Pronouncing “No” to Radiation

They stated, smartly, oddly sufficient that, I comprehend it sounds counterintuitive, but when there’s nonetheless most cancers then we wouldn’t do radiation. I stated, smartly then, I suppose I’m no longer doing it. She stated, smartly, are we able to name you after chemo? And I stated, yeah, you’ll name me after chemo.


As an alternative of calling me, they made an appointment, and I were given a letter within the mail that had an appointment arrange for me. I known as the UW and canceled stated appointment. After I canceled it, the girl stated, do you wish to have to reschedule? And I stated, nope. So, I simply stated “no” to radiation. However initially, that wasn’t my mindset.

I went into chemo very unafraid. Like I stated, I had labored with a practical MD, and we had a protocol arrange. I used to be doing numerous different holistic issues. I went into chemo a more than happy individual each and every time I went. I checked out it, it used to be an afternoon for me to get my center of attention again on what it used to be, this used to be my one process that summer season. That used to be my one process. That were given me again into center of attention.

A Most cancers Survivor: The Mindset Side

My practical MD initially, informed me that I used to be going to need to have the opportunity to be thankful for this. I believed she used to be out of her ever-loving thoughts. As I went in the course of the procedure, I came upon that I’m thankful. However she additionally informed me that after I pass into chemo, that I will have to ask that chemo to bless different individuals who have diseases.


So, after I went into chemo, I might have my record of people that had been struggling with various things, and I might ask that chemo to bless them too. It’s a mindset factor. You understand, I didn’t pass in indignant. I didn’t pass in considering; I will’t consider I’ve to sit down right here for 6 hours and take this crap hanging poison into me.

You understand, I name it the blessed poison. That’s what I known as it.

[00:32:36] Detective Ev: I imply, I wouldn’t be the only to mention it having no longer been via it. However because you’ve been via it, you’re actually proper. I don’t suppose any person may just argue that feeling horrible about it and damaging about it will fortify the placement. It merely gained’t.

My aunt, I couldn’t consider that she remodeled in virtually a good manner. It used to be improbable, I’ve by no means observed the rest adore it, the psychological fortitude to get via one thing like that. And as you’re describing this tale, it at all times provides me an enhanced standpoint after I listen from other folks such as you.

A Most cancers Survivor: The Blessing of Western Medication

I imply, what you guys are in reality going via is so moreover tense to the frame. And we understand how a lot pressure the frame needs to be below to even get to this position to start with, particularly, this as an FDN. It’s exceptional that any one makes it out of this. I imply, it’s in reality very exhausting for me to know and wrap my head round.

Something I wish to in reality throw in right here, motive I don’t suppose this occurs too ceaselessly at the display. I simply admire you guiding us in the course of the adventure and no longer simply speaking in regards to the herbal stuff. As a result of I at all times say in this display, Carmen, that we’re no longer towards Western Medication. There’s a time and position for the whole thing. We simply need so that you could make knowledgeable choices as people who are getting remedies accomplished or perhaps have continual illness or no matter.


I believe what you probably did makes best possible sense. You’ve a later degree factor happening. It’s beautiful frightening, it’s beautiful critical. This may not be the time to head do the juice cleanses or no matter. Like, we gotta do some greater than that. Thank God Western Medication used to be right here so that you can assist with a few of these surgical procedures.

Now nobody’s arguing that’s supreme. Clearly, we’d’ve preferred to keep away from that to start with. But when we’re already in that place, every now and then we gotta be clever with how we’re blending each issues in combination. I do know that you simply stated within the data that you simply despatched to me that you simply additionally mixed a holistic means with this.

A Most cancers Survivor: Holistic Apply of Gerson Treatment

What had been probably the most holistic issues that you simply had been doing? Used to be that only a keeping up of the nutrition you were on or had been you including in more treatments, holistic-wise now, as smartly to this remedy for you?

[00:34:31] Carmen Weir: We added in. We did a little bit Gerson remedy, which could be very difficult, it’s for most cancers.


We didn’t do all the Gerson remedy issues, however there’s a mix of like this cottage cheese and fish oil. We did that. As a result of I used to be so skinny, we did some, it sounds in reality gross, however she made me do it. I don’t drink espresso, however I drink chicory root. In my chicory root, I must installed ghee, like two tablespoons of ghee in my quote/unquote “espresso.” So, we did that.

I did much more juicing as an alternative of my smoothies since the juicing offers you simply the vitamins that you’ll briefly take in. I had some absorption issues sooner than the most cancers. So yeah, some extra juicing. You understand, I didn’t get numerous assist with my supplementation. I used to be roughly thrown into discovering that out alone.

Sloan Kettering has a site that tells you drug interactions with positive dietary supplements. The one factor my practical MD informed me used to be no diet A, C, or E. Rather then that, I used to be alone. My oncologist wouldn’t inform me what I will have to and shouldn’t take.

A Most cancers Survivor: In need of to Really feel Succesful

You’ll additionally do a little intermittent fasting. A large number of other folks will speedy all the way through chemo as it makes it simpler. I didn’t do this as a result of I used to be in reality skinny. I were given below 90 kilos at one level, so I didn’t really feel like that used to be one thing that I might wish to do. I do it now, however yeah, so there have been some various things.

After I were given house from chemo, I went out and walked a mile. You understand, I simply stayed in reality lively. If truth be told, the massive shaggy dog story of my chemo used to be after my fourth chemo, I Blackjacked my driveway as it wanted it. I used to be at a in reality, in reality low level and feeling like only a bucket of dust. I sought after to be ok with one thing and I sought after to really feel succesful.

It used to be roughly humorous as a result of I roughly needed to keep out of the solar and my driveway will get numerous solar. So, it used to be a little bit little bit of a combat with the solar. However I imply, guys in my community had been popping out going, oh, you will have to come and do mine.


You understand, I’m in the market with out a hair and right here I’m at 88 kilos in the market doing that. They usually’re going, you will have to come and do mine. You understand, So, that used to be roughly amusing.

However I didn’t do it for any one else. I did it for me as a result of I had to know that I may just accomplish a in reality exhausting process.

A Most cancers Survivor: The Resolution to Most cancers Advice

[00:37:10] Detective Ev: If any person is being attentive to this nowadays, and I do know inevitably it is going to occur, bearing in mind our target audience at this level. Let’s say they’re in the middle of the most cancers stuff. They’re operating via this.

Perhaps they’re being attentive to this simply to even get some recommendation or get some pointers whilst they’re additionally doing no matter remedies their physician is recommending. What can be your recommendation to a person who has gained that most cancers prognosis and goes via this? Recommendation, clearly, that will fortify them in in reality getting via this effectively.


[00:37:39] Carmen Weir: Neatly, probably the most issues that in reality were given me via, there used to be a docu-series on (identical to speak about Heaven despatched, it simply dropped into my lap, and I personal it now). There used to be a chain known as The Resolution to Most cancers. It used to be numerous selection docs. That may be a collection that I might suggest to any one who has most cancers.

You’re going to listen to the similar factor over and over again from all of those other docs, no longer as a result of they’re all selling the similar product, however as it’s this kind of mindset factor. So, that’s something is The Resolution to Most cancers. It’s a Jeff Hayes movie. You’ll pick out and make a selection the modules that you simply watch. If an interview isn’t tickling your fancy, you’ll speedy ahead and watch a distinct one.

However that in reality modified my existence. Kellyann Petrucci used to be in there as a result of she’s an alternate physician who had most cancers. She stated a few issues in there that flipped my global. That’s how I were given began. I don’t understand how to explain it. I watch her interview more than likely each and every couple of months and I cry each and every time I watch it. It simply resonated with me.

A Most cancers Survivor: You Must Imagine

There’s going to be one thing in there for everyone. And I will inform you that that collection particularly has numerous breast most cancers docs in there. So, particularly if anyone has breast most cancers, that’s nice.

Kelly Turner has a guide known as Radical Remission, and it’s probably the most inspirational guide you’ll ever learn on most cancers. She interviews degree 4, most commonly degree 4, some degree 3 most cancers survivors, who didn’t do so much, if any, Western Medication and is surviving like twenty years later.

There’s issues that you simply do and the way in which that you simply suppose, simply practices for your day by day existence that can exchange your trajectory. It in reality will. Then the opposite factor that I inform everyone, and I utterly consider this, pick out door one, two, or 3, doesn’t topic. However you need to consider in what you’re doing. In the event you don’t consider in what you’re doing, that it’s going to remedy you, it’s no longer going to remedy you. That’s simply my exhausting and speedy rule now.


You understand, it doesn’t topic what you pick out, however you need to consider in it. I swear it’s like 80% mindset with most cancers. You understand, the frame makes this tumor as a result of issues aren’t operating proper, and your cells aren’t signaling correctly. I glance again and I don’t know if I might’ve accomplished chemo. I might’ve accomplished the surgical treatment more than likely; I don’t know if I might’ve accomplished chemo understanding what I do know now.

I don’t feel sorry about it and I stated that on the time. It doesn’t matter what occurs down the street, I’m excellent with what I’ve selected.

A Most cancers Survivor: Upcoming Checkup

That’s the way in which you need to means it. You understand, I simply suppose such a lot of it’s mindset. You need to be diligent, and you’ve got to do the studying on what your most cancers is. Communicate to other folks and pass down those paths sooner than you pass in and simply practice each and every physician’s first advice, ?

[00:40:49] Detective Ev: That’s what stinks. It’s like on one hand I’m so happy that we have got the power in nowadays’s web age, as it provides us get entry to to the books more straightforward, and we will be able to to find this data more straightforward. I’m happy that sufferers are empowered in that manner.

Nevertheless it’s additionally unhappy to me that individuals coping with one thing so critical wish to pass out in their manner, in a way, to additionally teach themselves whilst they’re coping with one thing this is extremely tense.

However, I admire the ones suggestions. I haven’t in reality heard of both of the ones issues. Once more, I’m extra stay myself within the autoimmune area, however that is wonderful. I’m happy that we have got this now for the folks that pay attention. And if I’m no longer improper, you’re, as of at this time, you’re most cancers unfastened, proper, Carmen?


[00:41:26] Carmen Weir: I’m. I’ve my two-year most cancers checkup subsequent week. So, my most cancers is understood for coming again with a vengeance in two years. After I requested my oncologist, what does that appear to be? She stated, we see it in numerous puts, and it’s regarded as incurable. She stated, however there’s issues we will be able to do. The ones issues can be such things as Keytruda, and I’m no longer interested by that.

A Most cancers Survivor: Why is This Taking place FOR Me?

However probably the most issues that I do wish to say, I do know we’re getting roughly on the subject of the top right here, I in point of fact consider that most cancers comes for a reason why. That’s probably the most stuff you’ll listen in that Resolution to Most cancers collection. It’s God’s manner at kicking you within the pants since you’re no longer residing your existence proper somehow.

I in point of fact consider that as a result of I went into it simply going, what’s going on with me, and why me? And, , doing that floating area going, what? What?

As I went via it, I found out why. I imply, I used to be in a poisonous dating that ended all the way through my remedy and that’s why it got here. If I might’ve had a most cancers that will’ve handiest required an operation and the whole thing used to be excellent, it wouldn’t were sufficient to get him out of my existence. So, it needed to be this critical. That’s probably the most causes I’m thankful for it, ?


That’s the trick to the entire most cancers puzzle, is that you need to scrutinize your existence and work out, what am I meant to be told from this? You understand? If we hand over taking a look at issues in our lives as, why is that this taking place to me? Alternate that query to, why is that this taking place for me? As a result of I in point of fact consider that my most cancers came about for me. I do know

that more than likely seems like, persons are going, what? However I’m a greater individual nowadays. I’ve realized so much. I’ve grown, I’ve gotten more potent. I used to be already beautiful sturdy, however I’ve gotten more potent. Existence is far better than sooner than most cancers.

A Most cancers Survivor: Being Resulted in FDN

[00:43:30] Detective Ev: Wow! That is as a lot of a motivational communicate for me nowadays, Carmen, as this can be a well being communicate. Geez. Significantly, I imply This isn’t a shaggy dog story.

You understand, we get one likelihood at this existence. When one thing is available in our face like that, this is quite critical. I’m any person who, I imply, I you have to be as a lot mindset orientated as I will. I’m very into non-public building. However that’s a real take a look at. You understand, you’ll’t pretend that. That’s both actual or it’s no longer.

I believe it’s very in reality inspirational to the folks listening nowadays. I admire this. I gained’t stay you too lengthy, however I’ll stay you for a couple of further mins. While you stated that, I seemed down on the time. I couldn’t consider we were given via this.


However we need to speak about this evidently. The truth that you no longer handiest have this nice mindset round this now, you in reality stated that you simply discovered your hobby, like this existence hobby on account of what you handled. That finally led you to FDN. I simply concept that used to be wonderful. I imply, whilst you had been going in the course of the FDN route, had been you discovering some extra therapeutic alternatives for your frame?

Have been you perhaps discovering some stuff at the lab assessments? As a result of I believe like this subsequent checkup arising in every week or two, that’s going to be more than likely nice since you’re doing probably the most easiest well being stuff on this planet. So, did you to find any therapeutic alternatives at the FDN labs?

[00:44:40] Carmen Weir: Yeah. Yeah. And to be fair, I’m because of get some labs run. I simply don’t have the cash.

A Most cancers Survivor: Using FDN for Self-Well being Investigations

It used to be humorous as a result of previous to the most cancers, I used to be estrogen dominant and in reality had prime testosterone. You work this used to be a complete two years from the primary labs that had gotten accomplished virtually and, after the hysterectomy, which we all know what that does to hormones. After I did that lab, the estrogen dominance used to be nonetheless there even supposing all of the numbers had been decrease, but it surely used to be nonetheless estrogen dominance and it used to be like, wow.

On account of the most cancers, we will be able to’t do all the issues that we will be able to do with maximum of our purchasers. My oncology group didn’t need me doing any hormones. So, we labored with any other adaptogens.

Yeah, I had some H. Pylori and simply all of the issues that I realized within the procedure of having in the course of the route, it helped me be my very own well being detective. In order that used to be in reality cool.


I’ve in reality had an RA flare going for some time, and I put myself on a intestine protocol. I’m getting higher. So, it’s excellent to have that data. Even if I will’t have the funds for to run the lab, I do know my frame. That’s probably the most issues that you most likely know as an autoimmune affected person, however particularly with most cancers, you get in reality in track along with your frame. And as an FDN you’re already in reality in track along with your frame.

I knew that there’s some intestine stuff happening right here. So, I ordered up some dietary supplements and began myself on a intestine protocol and issues are getting higher.

A Most cancers Survivor: Empowered with FDN Instructional Gear

[00:46:19] Detective Ev: This is so true. There are different blessings on this if we search for them, however probably the most blessings with continual sicknesses is when you do make a selection this extra herbal path, sure, you develop into hyper conscious. I don’t imply that during a paranoid sense. I imply that during an excellent sense.

I believe it’s how human beings had been meant to be designed. We understood our our bodies and the arena round us. I imply, consider it, What different animal wishes a menu and diet info to determine what to consume? They don’t want that. They only know what to consume naturally.

But we’re up to now away, we’re so domesticated that we will be able to’t even determine that out with out doing podcasts like this and doing all this science and stuff. It’s in reality, it’s ironic for any person like myself who’s within the area that we actually shouldn’t even want this. But, we need to on account of how we have now selected to are living as human beings.


So yeah, there’s something to that evidently. And I’m happy that you’re an FDN now and also have those further equipment and that empowerment that includes, such as you stated, being a real well being detective.

I’ve a excellent feeling a couple of week from now, and I imply that. I might no longer say that if I didn’t in reality consider that. I believe that is going to be excellent.

Perhaps it’s simply on account of your mindset. Perhaps it’s simply contagious in that sense, the place I believe the rest may just occur in every week and but Carmen’s nonetheless going to determine it out one way or the other. Perhaps that’s the explanation I’m announcing that. In order that’s extra of a testomony to you than it’s my instinct, my buddy.

Carmen’s Ideally suited Shopper

[00:47:34] Carmen Weir: I love to inform people who most cancers got here, we danced, we’re accomplished.

[00:47:39] Detective Ev: I love that.

[00:47:44] Detective Ev: Neatly, Carmen, I do know that you simply graduated within the grand scheme of items, handiest quite not too long ago, proper? I graduated 5 years in the past. We’ve got other folks on that experience graduated 10 years in the past. I do know that you simply’re nonetheless handiest getting began along with your observe and stuff.

However I’m curious, I do know for a truth you’re going to resonate with any person that listens to this factor, particularly as a result of your tale is in reality reasonably distinctive in comparison to the opposite people who we convey on. So, who, for your easiest talent that you’ll describe it, who’s your supreme consumer? Like who do you want to paintings with and serve on this paintings?


[00:48:14] Carmen Weir: I believe maximum people that come to FDN, we’re on the lookout for ourselves, . So, other folks with autoimmune, indubitably other folks with most cancers. Most cancers survivors who wish to keep away from getting a recurrence and simply any autoimmune, as a result of what we do will assist it.

We all know that obtaining again into homeostasis will calm any autoimmune. And if we’re wholesome, we’re no longer going to get a recurrence from most cancers. So, I believe like I may just paintings with any one as a result of I do know what FDN does.

However yeah, most cancers and autoimmune other folks.

The place to To find Carmen Weir & The Signature Query

[00:48:56] Detective Ev: Truthful sufficient. All proper. I will be able to have this within the display notes in fact, however the place can other folks to find you if they might they’d love to paintings with you?


[00:49:02] Carmen Weir: I’ve a Fb web page. My industry is called The Wellness Theory. It’s at cs, each capital letters, capital D, u b y a. CSDubya.

And my site is

[00:49:19] Detective Ev: Superior. And we will be able to end up nowadays, Carmen, with the signature query at the Well being Detective Podcast. That query is, if I may just come up with, on this case, a magic wand and you have to wave it and get each and every unmarried individual on this global to do something for his or her well being, whether or not that’s actually do something or prevent doing something, what’s the something that Carmen would get them to do?

[00:49:42] Carmen Weir: Neatly, I scream this from the highest of my lungs. I swear this will likely be on my headstone. Meals is drugs, deal with it as such. Meals is drugs, and let it’s your drugs.

[00:49:56] Detective Ev: All proper guys. That’ll do it for nowadays’s episode with Carmen Weir. I am hoping you guys loved this one up to I loved recording it. After all, I don’t wish to listen any person undergo all these items, however on the similar time, that mindset, it’s encouraging, inspiring.


It’s simply wonderful so that you could listen that from any person. And it’s rock stable. You’ll’t pretend it, you’ll’t purchase it.


There’s not anything you’ll do rather then in reality have some form of lived enjoy or undergo some form of problem. Then on best of it, have the knowledge to in reality use it for one thing excellent. Purpose you’ll undergo that stuff and the general public don’t finally end up with that mindset.

If truth be told, I might argue that more than likely the bulk finally end up with the complete opposite mindset, however no longer Carmen. It’s something for other folks like me to mention it, who may no longer were via one thing like most cancers, however for those folks in the market which can be struggling to get to listen to one thing like this from any person who’s handled it, that’s actual. That may be a hundred % actual. I am hoping it is helping the ones folks.

In the event you guys like the guidelines that we’re sharing, please believe leaving us a five-star assessment on Apple and or Spotify. In the event you’d be so sort as to do this, then I would like you much more than I already do. I’m taking a look ahead to speaking to you guys once more quickly with any other interview.

However till then, please take care.

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