September 23, 2023

The Difference In between Automobile Video Recorder and Normal DVR.

We are constantly requested by our shoppers, that is, what is the variance amongst Car Tough Disk Recorder and normal Video clip Recorder? Truly, this is a professional query.

In light of their takes advantage of, there is no large variation, and they are all employed for checking and recording. Even so, there is a large big difference in light of their doing work environment.

1. Doing work Voltage: The Doing the job Voltage of Car or truck Tricky Disk Recorder is 24V (direct recent), although the regular Recorder is 220V (alternating current).

2. Cameras: Auto Recorder generally has 2 or 4 cameras, for both equally monitoring and picturing, when everyday DVR cameras are all for monitoring.

3. Tricky disk: Car Online video Recorder adopts 2.5″ mobile disk, with excellent anti-shock functionality, whilst everyday ones adopt 3.5″. In addition, the critical attribute of Auto Recorder is its mobility, and effortless disassembling, or the monitoring information could possibly be a huge problem.

4. Anti-shock: Auto DVR adopts expert anti-shock technique, which can defuse shock of all vehicle forms. Ordinary Recorder only adopts straightforward anti-shock method, or even no anti-shock system at all.

5. Doing work temperature: The Operating temperature is 40–+80°for Automobile Challenging Disk Video Recorder and -20°—+20° for everyday recorder.

6. To sum up, in light of the functionality and effectiveness, there is a good offer discrepancy involving Automobile DVR and regular recorder, and you must make a good comparison right before acquiring.

Absolutely, there are some other differences, and you will have to explore by yourselves. I hope my passage is of some support for you.